Impromptu Reno of the Heart

Impromptu Reno of the Heart Hero Image Impromptu Reno of the Heart Hero Image

Hard doesn’t always mean bad and easy doesn't always mean good.

Late last summer, we had a fridge leak, but we didn’t know about it. Moisture was able to spread undetected for some time creating damage without anyone knowing. As the issues became apparent, things got crazy fast. Our situation went from a restoration company to an insurance claim and before we knew it, all of our belongings were shoved into three rooms and a majority of our home was under construction. In the blink of an eye, we were knee deep in a full renovation.

Have you ever experienced this in your spiritual walk? I have. I’ll be chugging along - doing laundry, helping kids with homework, planning meals, attending bible study, volunteering, trying to do all the things. Then, suddenly, the Lord springs a full out renovation on my heart. I wasn't planning for it. It wasn’t expected. I could think of many things I would rather be doing, but the Lord has me waist deep in the affairs of my heart. He's asking me to confront my own struggles or confess my sin or faithfully walk through trials that don’t make any earthly sense to me.

It’s a huge temptation to immediately believe that these are negative seasons in my life. However, God has shown me over and over again that these seasons are the ones that strengthen me and grow my faith. They also give me opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Opportunities to speak of Him and His presence in my life. Opportunities to walk in the truths that I’ve said I believe. Opportunities to model for my kids what walking by faith looks like. Opportunities for our family to grow closer through the trials.

Think about these things: Jewelers know that a diamond's sparkle is best seen on a black backdrop. Christmas lights are not as eye catching during the day. Sparklers are much less impressive if they aren't in total darkness. Sweet momma, please know that the tears and the trials we face are not for nothing. If we allow it - If we proclaim His goodness in the midst of these impromptu renovations, Christ will sparkle and shine His glory for all to see.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16