Holy Week Devotionals for Kids

Holy Week Devotionals for Kids  Hero Image Holy Week Devotionals for Kids  Hero Image

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How do your kids feel about Easter? Is it fun, or is it a formality? Do they understand its meaning, or just understand it means they get colored eggs and candy? Do they look forward to it each year, and how will they look back on it in the future?

In my own experience growing up as a church kid, I considered Easter to be a second-tier holiday. It was fairly fun, but it wasn’t my favorite. Easter didn’t rate as highly in my mind as Christmas or Thanksgiving—holidays where we would get time off school and have big gatherings with extended family. And although I knew that Good Friday and Easter were about Jesus’s death and resurrection, I didn’t understand why He had to die or how His resurrection affected my life.

Now that I have kids of my own, I want them to understand that Easter is a big deal. In fact, it arguably should be bigger than Christmas. Christmas celebrates Jesus’s birth, but Easter is about why He was born: to save us from our sin and offer the gift of eternal life. It is the best news ever, and it should be taught and celebrated as such.

To help parents make Easter more meaningful and fun for their kids, we’ve created a family devotional and activity guide for the Easter season. It starts the weekend before Easter and covers the major events of Holy Week. The activities (courtesy of Watermark Kids) are things that everyone can do, and they don’t cost much other than time—time spent discipling and making memories with your kids.

You can download the full Holy Week devotional guide here. And then, at the end of the week, come celebrate with us at one of our Easter services!