A Daily Schedule for Families

A Daily Schedule for Families Hero Image A Daily Schedule for Families Hero Image

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Whether you’re facing a two-week spring break with a house full of kids or trying to navigate exactly what to do with your new-found free time, below is a schedule you can use to add a little structure to your day during The Great Covid19 Hunker Down of 2020.

Suggested Schedule:

6 AM: Quiet Time -
It’s time for some prayer, fellowship with the Lord, and daily Bible intake. If you’re not reading along with Join the Journey, you’re missing out! Sign up today.

7 AM: Breakfast! -
If you have kids under two, we know you’ve already been up for five hours. Just play along.

8 AM: Get Dressed. Make the Bed. Give thanks. -
As you’re getting dressed, thank God for all He has provided – the roof over your head, your bed, etc.

9 AM: Fresh Air. -
Grab a light jacket, an umbrella, or whatever else you need and get outside! Take the dog for a walk or ride your bike. The fresh air will do you good. So will Psalm 8.

10 AM: Academics -
Keep your kids on track even with extended time out of school. Check out these free resources available during COVID-19 to help. Check this out for some fun brain break ideas or just take 5 outside.

Noon: Lunch time!

1 PM: Creative Time -
Every day, Watermark is sending out a daily challenge that everyone can participate in. Text your community group, get started, and don’t forget to upload the results to Facebook and/or Instagram by 5 PM and use the hashtag #WatermarkChallenge and tag us @Watermarkchurch.

2 PM: Rest (and Remember Who Reigns) -
Put your feet up, relax, and take a little nap.

3 PM: Daily Chores -
Your mom was right. An Indiana University study proved that people with clean houses were more physically active than those with untidy homes. So, grab a mop and get everyone in on the cleaning act. Fun tip: Set a timer and start a cleaning race with your kids.

4 PM: Neighboring -
Text, call, or find a creative way to connect with your neighbors each day. You could also offer your help in delivering paper towels, food, or any other supplies to elderly neighbors or others at greater risk. This is our opportunity to be the church and serve those in our community.

5 PM: Free Play

6 PM: Dinner time!

7 PM: Game Time! -
You’ve worked hard, so grab a board game and enjoy a little friendly competition. A wise man once said, “Winning isn’t sweet unless losing is painful.” So why not Farkle and require the loser of tonight’s competition to complete a consequence of the winner’s choosing?

Here are a few fun farkle consequences:
- Loser has to run outside and sing “Happy Birthday” in the front yard every hour on the hour all day tomorrow
- Loser has to record a video of themselves rewriting the lyrics to a popular song to make it funny and then send it around to family, friends, or their community group.
- Loser has to cluck like a chicken anytime anyone says a particular word or phrase.

Bed Time! -
You made it! As you’re getting ready for bed, thank God for the gift of rest.