A Guide for Having Fun When Social Distancing

A Guide for Having Fun When Social Distancing Hero Image A Guide for Having Fun When Social Distancing Hero Image

Looking for ways to have fun with other people during this season? You are in luck! Turns out staying at home and social distancing doesn’t prevent us from making memories and enjoying time together. All of the following games or activities can be enjoyed remotely, at a distance, or on Zoom! Find something works for you and your friends and try it out! If you are looking for games to play in-person with your family or with roommates, check out our Staff Picks for Games.

  • Catan Universe – Catan Universe lets you play the classic board game online with friends. Enjoy rolling dice, trading resources, building settlements, and gathering the largest army all while staying at home.
  • Codenames – Also a popular board game, Codenames lets groups fight to communicate concisely with others! With a shared game board and pairing with Zoom, you will be giving one another clues in no time.
  • Houseparty – Houseparty lets groups of friends play an assortment of free games together while video chatting. With titles like Heads Up!, Quick Draw, and Chips and Guac (similar to Apples to Apples) there will be ample opportunity for fun!
  • Drawful – Playable on Zoom simply by sharing your screen, Drawful lets every player with a phone the ability to participate live! Players draw (without an eraser) on their phones, leading to hilariously bad “art” that everyone has to interpret.
  • Start a Book Club – Grab a few friends and read a book together. Consider scheduling regular group discussions to keep one another accountable.
  • Have a Remote Movie Night – Netflix Party lets groups of people sync up remotely and watch a movie. If anyone pauses the film, it will do the same for everyone else! (Everyone involved will need a Netflix account.
  • Circle Up Outside – Circling the cars up in a parking lot can be a fun way to see one another and stay socially distant! Parks are also an option. Bring camping chairs or some coffee and enjoy some fellowship.
  • Go on a Walk – There are plenty of areas where you and friends can walk while staying 6 feet apart. Plus, this lets you enjoy being outside, especially as things start to warm up!
  • Share Some Recipes – Cooking recipes together, even from afar, can be a fun way to interact with friends. Share some of the new concoctions you’ve come up with in quarantine!

No matter what you decide to do with community or friends, fight against discouragement and apathy. Socially distancing, while difficult, helps keep vulnerable and at-risk people in our cities safe. And while many of us are tired of screens and being stuck inside, we can continue to pray that this would quickly come to an end. Eventually, we will gather together again and enjoy activities face to face. In the meantime, be creative and rejoice in the small things.