For the Nations

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From an early age, Aimee Bloom had an eternal perspective on life that changed just about everything. Her faith directly influences and impacts how she thinks about communities and cultures and propels her to love our city with For the Nations, an organization that serves refugees through education and advocacy to help them adapt to life in the US while sharing the hope of Jesus Christ along the way. As you read Aimee’s story, consider the ways in which you can love our city this summer. Find service opportunities.

How has your faith in Christ been shaped throughout your life?

“I always have known the Lord, but it really became personal for me in about third grade. I had a teacher who was a missionary in Africa for 14 years. Not only did she help my faith become genuine, but she fostered a depth in my relationship with the Lord and taught me to how to love other cultures and countries. She taught me that Jesus is for everyone.

“My dad was also really instrumental in building my faith. I watched my parents, and specifically my dad, cling to faith even amongst hard things. When it was my time to walk through hard things, I knew what to believe. I watched him walk through terminal illness with peace in the Lord. How else do you have hope when you’re staring at death in the face? That spoke volumes to me, a watching child. My family had its fair share of disfunction, but in the hard, there was a pillar of someone who’s faith was undoubtedly in the Lord.

“I recognize what a grace that was to know the Lord so young. It gave me a compass and a perspective early on of who God is and His love for me. When trials came (and they definitely came) I knew the Lord and could cling to Him. I understood His faithfulness at an early age. Some of the things I walked through were heavy for those ages, but I knew I wasn’t alone.

“I was twenty-two when I lost my dad, and I think one of the silver linings of losing a parent so early in my life is that I realized how short life is. It completely gutted me and was a devastating loss, but it gave me an eternal perspective that I didn’t have previously. It gave me a deep desire to spend my time doing things that matter and are honoring to the Lord. And then, specifically with serving our city, I know I have the privilege and the opportunity to participate in growing God’s Kingdom as I share His love with people who might not know about Christ.”

How did you get involved with For the Nations?

“When my kids were younger, I felt really convicted by the Lord that we were telling our kids that we love God and we love others, but when we looked at how we spent our time, it was more reflective of how we loved ourselves. Everything was all about us, and I felt the Lord prompting me to take initiative to make bandwidth for things outside of ourselves.

“Some friends of mine, Kaitlyn and Cameron Mullens started a Christian nonprofit organization called For the Nations Refugee Outreach. The Lord embedded a heart for missions and evangelism very early in my life, so I reached out to see how we could help. Starting out, my kids and I would often volunteer with their afterschool program. Now, my kids are older and doing different things, but they still serve with me often. I am now on staff at For The Nations where I assist with the resettlement of Afghan families.”

Why do you continue to serve our city this way?

“Living in Dallas can be hard because while logistically we have plenty in Dallas in comparison to Kabul, there are many ways we can be spiritually distracted. I want to always be in a position where I am abiding with the Lord. I see our little bubble and realize how we can easily lose perspective of the greater call to take His name to the ends of the earth. I think we are being called to have really meaningful relationships with people who don’t know Him.

“What makes For the Nations so sweet to me is that so many people in America have heard the gospel at least once, but the Lord is bringing refugees in droves to the US who have never heard about Jesus. It has been a privilege to show up every day and share God’s love with people in our city.

“At the end of the day when I hit my head on the pillow at night, this is what I want to have spent my time doing. I want to make sure I am not just stewarding my money but my life. This life is flying by, and I want to make sure I am honoring Him through it.”