Throwback Thursday - Our Favorite Sermons

Throwback Thursday - Our Favorite Sermons Hero Image Throwback Thursday - Our Favorite Sermons Hero Image

Suddenly find yourself with more time for podcasts or videos? Instead of rewatching The Office for the ninth time, here are some of our staff’s favorite sermon messages from the past. Although they may be from months or years ago, they are all very timely to the moment at hand.

Sunday Sermons
  • Serenity Now! Whether You Live in Mayberry or Manhattan – From way back in 2006, Todd Wagner mixes Rascal Flatts and Seinfeld references in explaining how to deal with stress and find peace.
  • How to Not Waste Your Life – Adam Tarnow teaches three ways to make sure you don’t waste your life (or waste this part of your life).
  • Contentment – David Leventhal teaches about how to be content regardless of your temporary circumstances.
  • The Gospel Through Marriage – Spending a lot more time at home with your spouse? John McGee talks about how we need to initiate, forgive, and commit in both life and marriage.
Complete Series

These are sermon series where we think every message is worth listening to. Each link goes to the first message in the series; you’ll find the rest of the series listed beside or below the message on that page.
- The 7 – This series covers the seven essentials of the faith: the Bible, the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, man, salvation, and the second coming.
- InTIMEacy – If you have more time, this series talks about using that time well by developing spiritual disciplines.
- Exhale – This 2015 series is about the peace and rest that comes from trusting God.
- Resolve – These New Year’s resolutions from four years ago are still things we need to be diligent about today.

Porch Messages
  • Mood: Lonely – Little did David Marvin know, when he gave this message in June of last year, how applicable it would soon become to everyone.
  • Jesus, the Hope in Tragedy – Todd Wagner discusses why a good God allows bad things to happen.
  • Abraham: What Does it Mean to Have Faith? – David Marvin teaches about trust and faith as seen in the life of Abraham.
  • Imperfect Peace: Dealing with Anxiety During a Pandemic – OK, so this isn’t throwing it back very far—it’s from two weeks ago—but if you missed it, this discussion between JD Rodgers and David Marvin is worth a watch or a listen.

Of course, there are many other “Throwback Thursday” messages you can find by searching through the archives. Share your favorites with someone who may need to hear some encouragement today!