Family Journey Through Leviticus

Family Journey Through Leviticus Hero Image Family Journey Through Leviticus Hero Image

Congratulations!! You’ve made it through the first two books of the Bible and seen God laying out His rescue plan through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons. We’ve seen God demonstrate His power to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt and the beginnings of God’s instructions for the people on how they can have a relationship with Him.

According to our What’s in the Bible? viewing schedule, it’s now time for the book of LEVITICUS, notorious for tripping up many a journeyman in their efforts to make it through the entire Bible, mostly because we just don’t understand what is happening. Don’t fall victim to that trap! Let What’s in the Bible? help your family understand the beauty and wonder of this great book and what it has to say about our relationship to our Holy Father in Heaven!

Family Guide for Volume 3, Episode 1: Don’t TRIM YOUR BEARD?

  • What does the word “holy” mean? (dedicated to or set apart for God) What day of the week did God say was the “holy day” of each week and what was that day called? (Saturday . . . it was called the Sabbath)
  • Why was the book of Leviticus written? (it was a rule book for the people of God to know how they could be holy)
  • Take a second to print out and take this True or False Quiz over some of the crazy rules and laws we have today. See how many you can get right!
  • What are the two kinds of rules that we find in Leviticus? (Ritual rules and Ethical rules) Which ones do we follow today? (Ethical rules) Why? (Ritual rules were just for Israel at that time, but ethical rules were meant to be for all people for all time)
  • If the stories in the Bible are true about God and why we’re here, what does that tell us about the stories in the Bible? (that they are the most important stories in all the world) What are some of the reasons we can believe that the Bible is true according to the Bible? (archaeology, science, the way the stories were written down, etc.)
  • Read Matthew 5:48. Talk with your family about how anyone could possibly be “perfect” or “holy”. After you’ve talked about it for a while, read 2 Corinthians 5:21. What does this verse tell us about how we can be made perfect or righteous? (Jesus became sin for us so we could have His righteousness or perfection)
  • PRAY and thank God for His holiness, His perfection. Confess to Him how we know that we are not perfect like Him and thank Him for sending Jesus to die so we might be made holy through His blood.

Check back in a couple of weeks for our next family guide as we move into the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy!