Journey Together as a Family in 2015

Journey Together as a Family in 2015 Hero Image

For the last decade, God has used The Journey here in DFW and around the world to help thousands of people build a daily habit of reading God’s Word and, more importantly, apply His Word to every area of their lives. This year’s Journey is an intense and exciting one, as it challenges us to read through the entire Bible, start to finish, in 2015.

A Journey for the Family

As demanding as this year’s journey is, we believe strongly that it is a GREAT opportunity for parents and children to grow in their understanding of and love for God’s Word this year like they never have before. To that end, we want to make one of the best resources out there available to you and your kids and encourage you to incorporate it into your family’s spiritual growth plan for 2015.

What’s In the Bible?

Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, recently completed work on a video project aimed at kids entitled What’s in the Bible?In this series he creatively introduces, explains and applies every book of the Bible to real life. Vischer’s goal with this project is to address the ever-growing problem of Biblical illiteracy in the church today by providing kids with a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith.

Our goal for 2015 is that families will utilize all 13 volumes of this video series throughout the year as we follow along on The Journey. We believe that by watching these videos together, not only will your kids be given that foundational knowledge, but your Scripture reading will be greatly enriched as well.

How to Watch at Home

Because we believe this resource is so valuable, we wanted to do everything we could to make it easy for your family to take advantage of it from the comfort of your home. Here are two ways to do so:

Right Now Media

For those of you who are members at Watermark, you have free access to all 13 volumes of What’s in the Bible? through your Right Now Media membership. This allows you to watch episodes from the series on a computer, smart phone or tablet. If you are a member and don’t yet have your free login information, contact your community group leader to find out how to get that.

Purchase DVDs

Throughout this year, we will be selling physical copies of the DVDs at all of our campuses at a reduced rate. The price for individual copies of the DVDs is $7 while the complete 13-volume set will cost $90. To purchase your copies, bring cash or check to the kids guest welcome areas of either the Dallas or Ft. Worth campuses this Sunday or any Sunday for the next year. If you’d rather pay by credit card, you can order online here and then pick up your order on Sunday at any of our services (please bring your receipt for verification). These videos make for a great Christmas gift for families who want to grow in their love for God’s Word this next year.

Bless Your Family

Psalm 1 says that a blessed man is whose “delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law He meditates day and night.” We challenge you to set a goal for yourself and your family to Join the Journey and find out together What’s in the Bible? so you might be blessed and a blessing to all around you.