Check Out These Faithful Father Stories And Share Your Own!

Check Out These Faithful Father Stories And Share Your Own! Hero Image

Every father leaves a legacy. For some, it’s a legacy of fractured relationships, conflict, absence or apathy. For others, Father’s Day is a moment to celebrate faithful fathers and mentors who, through their relationship with Christ, demonstrate God’s love to others. Meet five people whose lives have been changed by the provision of a faithful dad or father figure. Do you have a story of how God has used your dad or other mentors to shape your walk with Christ? Share it today via #FaithfulFathers on Twitter or in the comments below!

Martha Kate McJunkin

My dad really into sports, and I was in choir as a kid. So he’d ask me about what our director was teaching us and then coach me in it. He’d clap for me, and give me suggestions on good vowels, breath support and good posture. He did a great job of appreciating each of his kids individually.

One of many things that I greatly appreciate about my dad is that he does not allow himself to be a victim of his circumstances. Instead, he chooses to be faithful by seeking wisdom, truth, and healing. He is open to criticism even from us as his kids. He values our thoughts and opinions. He is not afraid of conflict but instead is quick to resolve it in an effective way that brings our family closer together. He is in no way perfect, but with every imperfection he is quick to accept responsibility and reject passivity. He is so intentional and remarkably wise because he is daily refined by Christ. He is the definition of a man of God and I hope to someday marry a man that can continue to lead me to the Lord as well as my father has led me all my life. My love for him grows each and every day as I get older. His faithfulness has affected the lives of many; I am just overwhelmed with gratitude that the Lord has chosen me to be his daughter.

Ellie Buchanan

“The most important lesson in faith that my dad has taught me is how easy it is to get caught up in the patterns of this world, but how important and necessary it is to let yourself be transformed by the renewing of your mind and never waver in your love and faith in Christ. Nothing else will satisfy me but Him.

“A trait that I’m trying to incorporate into my own life because I’ve seen my dad be so consistent in it is having a meaningful quiet time every morning. The amount of times I’ve walked downstairs in the morning and seen a bible and journal open on the coffee table with markings and notes all over the pages is truly inspirational.”

Ally MacQuilkan

“I work with a lot of families where the dad is not actively seeking Christ. It breaks my heart to sit across the table from girls who don’t have an earthly father who is teaching them their value in Christ. That is one thing my dad has done very well.

“One of my favorite ways my Dad demonstrated God’s love was when he wrote a letter to an old college boyfriend who was not treating me well. I have no idea what the letter said, but I had been waiting for a guy to fight for me. Never in a million years did I think it would be my dad who would fill that desire and show me that I am worth fighting for and protecting.

“A special one-liner between my dad and his four kids is ‘remember WHOSE you are.’ This always makes me smile because I know two things for sure: 1. I am the Lord’s, and 2. I am my dad’s daughter. I know through that statement that both my Heavenly Father and my earthly one love me no matter what, that they are on my side, and they want what is best for me. It is such an incredible comfort to know that I have an earthly father who is seeking his Heavenly Father daily and pointing all of us to Him!” – Ally MacQuilkan

Rick Smith

“My dad was an alcoholic and was not active in my life. But when I was 17 years old, God put Todd Wagner in my life. I was a runaway, and actually pretty annoying. But he took an interest in me, taking my phone calls (even though I called too much), and shared Scripture and practical advice. When I was at camp one summer, he wrote me a note and sent me a book. I still have it today.

“By the time I was 21, by God’s grace, I got involved at a local church, where the Lord provided other faithful men who poured into me. These guys took time out of their day to help in my walk with Christ, and their graciousness still makes an impact. I often tell guys that you never know how God will use the spiritual investment you’re making in a young punk (whether he’s yours or someone else’s). That kid just might end up being a pastor…just like me. ”

Blake McJunkin

“Because my dad walks as a righteous man with integrity, I now live in light of what Christ has done for me. That’s the ultimate blessing that a father could give his child. While my dad sometimes enjoys the fellowship of family time watching the Longhorns or Cowboys, he’s most often found taking care of the yard, house or one of the family vehicles. He uses his time in a purposeful manner that models discipline, good work ethic and an understanding of biblical stewardship.

“Dad also has done a great job of making family dinner time a priority. Family time at the table is where we learned respect for each other, good manners and how to care for our siblings. His prayer was much more than a routine ‘God is Great, God is good…Amen.’ Dad reminded us nightly of God’s goodness as we ‘communed’ for a meal.

“I am experiencing God’s blessing that comes through relationship with Him in large part because of the way my dad modeled the spiritual disciplines of studying God’s Word, leading out in the home, and loving my mom well. I am confident that God could’ve used any means to reveal Himself to me. I am very thankful He chose to do so by placing me in the household and under the ‘eldership’ of my father, Kirk McJunkin.”

Riley Chandler

“The most important lesson on God that my dad has shared is when he says, ‘Know Him personally, experience Him intimately and follow Him passionately.’ My dad keeps us accountable and helps make sure we are still pursuing our faith and our God. He has been an amazing example of a father by always loving me and having confidence in me.

My dad reflects God’s father-like love and helps me see that he is always approachable. Last year, I had my first car wreck and ran into our gas meter. I was horrified and cried like the world was ending. Even though my dad knew the repair would cost a fortune, he looked past my mistake and instantly forgave me. Rather than getting mad, he wrapped his arms around me just like God would.” –

Bobby Crotty

“My dad leads our family spiritually by the way he models Christ for us. He keeps us focused on God and loves us selflessly. He sets an example for us to imitate through the way he humbly serves, the way he faithfully studies, and especially through his marriage.”