No matter where God leads us, we can have faith He will go with us

No matter where God leads us, we can have faith He will go with us Hero Image

“Should we shower first?” said one of the shepherds. “No way! Did you hear what the angel said?!”  “Yeah, something like ‘This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger’” said the tall shepherd.  “Well then I think we need to hustle because I wanna see that baby!” And they were off!

FAITH: Trusting in God, His Word and His Promises

MEMORY VERSE: “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1 (NLT)

This Week’s Finish Line: Because I trust God, I can go where He leads.

The shepherds in Luke 2:8-20 were asked by the angel to go and see Jesus and tell everyone they met about the great thing God had done for the world. They trusted God enough to drop everything in the middle of the night and leave their flocks of sheep (the sheep were their livelihood) to go and see the Savior of the world “wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger.”

It might seem easy to go where God leads when an angel of the Lord appears to you and the glory of the Lord shines around you, but what about when things aren’t so “bright?” David wrote about these times in Psalm 23:1-4. David’s faith was strong and it comforted him when things were dark in his life. Remember all the time he spend in cold, dark caves running from King Saul? His faith kept him from fearing the path that he knew God had laid out for him. He was made king after all you know!

When we trust God (have faith) we can go where He leads us no matter how scary it might be.

Family Questions:

  1. Where did the angel tell the shepherds to go? Did they wait around before they left?
  2. If an angel showed up at your house in the middle of the night and told you to go somewhere would you have trouble doing it? What do you think an angel would like if one showed up at the foot of your bed?
  3. Who in your family would have the least trouble going where God leads? Who would have the most? Why?

Bring It Home: 3 Ways to Talk about Faith with Your Kids

1. Memorize Psalm 23

Over the next week take one verse a day and memorize Psalm 23 with your whole family. Practice at meal times and bed time. Talk about what each verse means in your own life and how they show God’s faithfulness. Celebrate and recite your verses on Sunday!

2. God sent who? Where?

Take some time to write down all the stories your family knows of people from the Bible who God sent on “crazy” adventures. Do they have anything in common? Are you like any of them? What things might God call you to do that look “crazy” to the rest of the world?

3. Jesse Tree Journey

It’s not too late to start walking through an Advent Calendar with your kids! Two weeks ago all of the elementary kids went home with the Jesse Tree Journey which you can print off for yourself and your family. Follow along with a daily devotional to help prepare your hearts and minds for Christmas in the middle of a busy holiday season.

Prayer: Luke 2:20

Pray that your family would praise and glorify God for all the things you have heard and seen. Ask the Lord to make Himself even more real in your lives and in your walk with Jesus

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