Easter Story Eggs: A Creative Way to Recount the Resurrection

Easter Story Eggs: A Creative Way to Recount the Resurrection  Hero Image

A great way to walk through the Easter story as a family is by creating your own set of Easter Story Eggs. These eggs teach kids in a fun, interactive and concrete way the story of Easter, from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the empty tomb.

What Are Easter Story Eggs?

Easter Story Eggs are your basic plastic eggs, but inside each egg is a symbol of the Easter story; such as a cup for the last supper. It is fun to see the children get so excited to find out what is in each egg. Then once the kids learn the story, they can retell it again and again using the eggs.

Create Your Own

Using these directions, help your child make his or her own set of Easter Story Eggs. You can also order Resurrection Eggs from FamilyLife.

Grab 12 plastic eggs and number them 1-12. Once finished, place them in an egg carton to hold them. Using the list provided, place one item in each egg starting with number 1.

  1. Donkey - Jesus' entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11)
  2. Coin -Judas' blood money (Matthew 26:14-15)
  3. Cup - Last Supper (Matt 26:27-29)
  4. Praying Hands - Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:32)
  5. Leather Strip - Jesus' trial and lashes (Matthew 27:26)
  6. Cross - Jesus carrying His cross (John 19:17)
  7. Nails - Jesus' crucifixion (John 20:25-29)
  8. Dice - Casting of lots for Jesus' clothes (Mark 15:24)
  9. Spear - Roman soldiers piercing His side (John 19:34)
  10. Gauze - Jesus' body wrapped in cloth (Matt 27:59)
  11. Stone - Stone was rolled away (Mark 16:4)
  12. Empty - Jesus' resurrection (Matthew 28:6)

After you have assembled the eggs, go through the story, having your child open each of the eggs as they go along. Encourage your child to tell the story to family and friends.

If your child is in one of our Blue classes on Easter weekend, they will receive a full set of Easter Story Eggs. We hope your family will take advantage of this opportunity to rehearse over and over again the story that is our greatest hope. May the Lord use this simple tool to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of your children even as He uses it to strengthen our faith!