Discussion Questions: September 4, 2016

Discussion Questions: September 4, 2016 Hero Image

John Cox, our executive pastor, teaches on hearing and taking bad advice as it relates to our work. Consider and reclaim this often overlooked but important part of your life that is significant and really does matter to God.

Discussion Questions

  1. How many times have you heard or even given the advice “follow your passion” when it comes to work? When we think about a job, we want something that makes us happy. When God thinks about a job, He wants something that makes us holy. How does this reorientation change your approach to work?
  2. John said, "Following your passion is bad advice because it can inhibit you from growing spiritually.” Discuss with your community group what this means. Talk about a time when not following your passion actually allowed you to grow, not in happiness, but in holiness.
  3. It is important to talk about your faith (Peter and John in Acts 4), do excellent work (Col 3:23), and love people well (John 13:34-35). Discuss with your group which of these you currently do in your work setting and what kind of impact it's made. Talk through which ones you can take some ground in and ask your group for accountability.
  4. Are you more of an “impact 1000s of people” or “I just want to impact 3-5 people deeply this year” kind of person. Discuss potential implications of each approach. How does faithfully and deeply impacting just 3-5 people a year, year after year, create a noticeable lasting impact?
  5. Heaven, not Harvard! John walked us through his own journey of going to top schools, starting a church, and landing prestigious work. He’s been around people his whole life who have bought the American Dream hook, line, and sinker, but are miserable. Consider also the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:13-21). Let that sit for a moment. Where are you in all of this? Be honest with your group and seek to help one another with prayer and accountability.