Discussion Questions: September 27, 2015

Discussion Questions: September 27, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: September 27, 2015 Hero Image

Join us as we begin a new message series on 2 Peter called “Hold Fast.” During this series we will be strongly warned about false teachers in the church and encouraged to hold fast to the Truth.

  1. What are you personally doing to increase your knowledge God and deepen your relationship with Him? Do you have a daily habit of prayer and disciplined study of God’s word so you can learn more of the faith and hold fast to truth?
  2. How often does your community group counsel each other with scriptural truth or search scripture together for answers to the life questions that you are facing?
  3. In what areas of your life do you find it hardest to stand firm in the truth? Discuss with your community group some of the ways that you are most vulnerable to being swayed and thus need to be continually reminded of truth. Which of the most precious and magnificent promises are most helpful and strengthening to you in your present struggle?
  4. When you lead or teach others, what percentage of your words include Biblical truth versus your own human wisdom? What steps will you take to increase your knowledge of the truth of scripture?