Discussion Questions: September 17, 2017

Discussion Questions: September 17, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: September 17, 2017 Hero Image


This week, Todd re-visited the middle of Acts 16 from last week, and then he finished the chapter as we continue our journey through the book of Acts. He showed us how history is not Christian or secular—just history, how horrible of a god money makes, how demons have better theology than we might realize, and how we must be ready to give a defense for the hope and faith that is in us.

Discussion Questions

  1. “If you want good theology, listen to what demons have to say (James 2:19). It’s a demonic spirit that knows the truth but does not walk in it. Demons never lie in the presence of God. They lie to men about God. Demons know the futility of rebellion and the beauty of God’s way. They are great with you going to church, but not with you walking with Jesus.” What areas of your life do you have a “demonic spirit”—that is, you know the truth but you aren’t walking in it? Identify this area, confess and repent and share it with your community group, and determine one way to start walking in the truth this next week.
  2. “Money is not a very good god (1 Timothy 6:8-19). Money is a tool, a test, and a testimony. It’s a tool for good or evil, it’s a test to see where your heart is, and it’s a testimony of who your god is. Most people try to not lose money, but those with money who know God should be concerned with how to give it away.” If someone were to observe your life, what would they have to say about how you are using your “tools”? Are you are passing the “test” of where your heart is? Would someone know your God based on your “testimony”? Pick one—tool, test, or testimony—and identify one thing you can do this next week to be a better steward.
  3. “You need to be able to give a ready defense to people when they ask. However, typically, their questions have nothing to do with intellect; it has everything to do with a condition of the will. They don’t want to give up their sin or being the god of their own life. Make sure that you are being criticized because the dogma lives loudly inside of you and you aren’t being a dog that is hiding behind Jesus.” When was the last time someone asked you about the hope you have and why you live your life the way you do? Who can you go engage with this week for the purpose of sharing the hope you have? Share the name of this person with your community group and ask them to pray for you as you initiate and pursue that person.