Discussion Questions: September 10, 2017

Discussion Questions: September 10, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: September 10, 2017 Hero Image

Discussion Questions: September 10, 2018

This week, JP walked us through the first half of Acts 16. He showed us that the helpless are the objects of God’s affection and that both hospitality and hostility display the objects of our affections. He challenged us to take an honest inventory of our affections and to grow in our generosity—and even more, our hospitality—as we strive to use God’s provision in our lives for serving others rather than serving ourselves.

  1. “The helpless are the objects of God’s affection. The man who has everything but does not have Jesus has nothing. The helpless are people in need of help—in other words, simply anyone without Jesus. The enemy of salvation is our self-sufficiency; you need to be in a vulnerable place in order to be saved.” When you hear the word “helpless” who comes to mind? Who in your life is helpless—who does not know Jesus—that you can initiate and engage with this week? Share the name of this person with your community group and ask them for prayer and accountability as you initiate and engage with that person.
  2. “Hospitality displays the objects of our affection. Do you love your neighbors? Not the ones you have not invited into your home or life. Hospitality is a more intimate form of generosity. While generosity gives, hospitality invites in. Is it inconvenient to share your life with somebody? Not as inconvenient as hanging on a cross, but yes, it is absolutely inconvenient. It will cost you something. Jesus is hospitable to us through the gospel—everything that is His becomes ours.” How can you use your home and what you own to be hospitable in the next week? Who can you invite over? Reach out to this person in the next 24 hours and extend an invitation.
  3. “Hostility displays the object of our affections. When people don’t love God they use people. Don’t love money and use people. Use money to love people. If you love money it will be your god and you will use people to get more of it.” Do you think more about how to use what you have to serve others, or are you thinking more about how to get more (money) to serve yourself? What’s one way you can be more generous this next week?