Discussion Questions: October 9, 2016

Discussion Questions: October 9, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: October 9, 2016 Hero Image


While teaching Acts 6:8-7:60, Todd’s sermon was based on another sermon, Stephen’s sermon. Stephen's sermon destroyed the idea of temple-centered worship, rejected the idea that Christianity is a sect under Judaism, and gave them a bigger vision for the spreading of Christianity to all people of all nations.

Discussion Questions

  1. In Acts 6:7, the people of God were using their gifts humbly, loving one another as God intended, and the gospel was spreading. How are you doing in deploying your gifts to bless the Church at Watermark? What did you do this week to keep the Word of God spreading and the number of disciples increasing?
  2. Based on Acts 6:8, Todd said, "God’s people have always been marked by grace, power, great wonders and signs." Has that been true of you this week? If this hasn’t been true of you, how can you walk deeper with Christ this week so that you are marked by grace, power, great wonders and signs? How can you be held accountable to be more faithful this week?
  3. Todd said, “God’s punishments are simultaneously a source of divine retribution and divine grace.” As you look back at your life, how do you see that the punishments that have come upon you have been both punishment and mercy for you? How does that change how you think about going through times of trouble because of sin in the future?
  4. Stephen, like Christ, forgave the people who were stoning him. Do you love those who hate you because you are telling them about Christ and the consequences of not knowing Him?
  5. How are you doing in not thinking about walking with Jesus as temple-worship on Saturday or Sunday, but about constant worship of Him throughout the week? Do you have a “Sunday best”? How can those in your community spur you on to constantly worship God throughout the week?