Discussion Questions: October 8, 2017

Discussion Questions: October 8, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: October 8, 2017 Hero Image


This week we journeyed through the second half of Acts 17 together. Todd showed us through the text how we should: be an observer of human futility and not a hater, be a teller not a troublesome meddler, and be a faithful ambassador not a mocker.

Discussion Questions

  1. “Be an observer of human futility, not a hater.” What’s one way you can be an observer—have compassion—of human futility this next week? Are there any areas you have been a hater of human futility that you need to confess and repent of? If yes, seek out that person, confess, repent, and ask their forgiveness.
  2. “Be a teller, not a troublesome meddler.” One of the best ways to be an effective and compassionate “teller” is to ask questions to get to know someone better…to start a conversation. Who can you engage with and ask questions of this week? Make sure your end goal is to “tell” (love) them about the truth of the gospel.
  3. “Be a faithful ambassador, not a mocker.” As a faithful ambassador, don’t have the mindset to do random acts of kindness, but to live and love on purpose. What’s one purposeful act of kindness you can do this week? Share this with your community group and ask them to hold you accountable to doing it.
  4. Paul’s message to the “intellectual elite” of his day was surprisingly simple. He affirmed them in their curiosity and “seeking” and then reminded them of the simple Truths that 1.) God is sovereign creator. 2.) God is a good provider 3.) God is a wise and just Judge King and 4.) God is a gracious and kind Saviour. Pray that you will have the privilege of meeting someone this week and pray for boldness to share these simple truths whether you are with the “religious”, the “common man” or the “philosophers and educated” of our day.