Discussion Questions: October 26, 2014

Discussion Questions: October 26, 2014 Hero Image


Did you leave after hearing Sunday’s message and think, “Well, now what?” Each Sunday, we will provide a discussion guide for our church body designed to create a conversation about what we’re learning. We encourage you to prayerfully gather with your family, friends and community group and dive into how to apply Sunday’s teaching from God’s Word to your life.

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  1. The Declaration series reminds us that standing on God’s truth brings a supernatural  joy and strength that is not limited to our circumstances. Examine yourself:  How has the Word of God strengthened or ministered to you even in the midst of difficult circumstances this week?  In what area of your life do you need to return to God so that He might bring you back to the way of His design that leads to life?
  2. In what ways are you currently tempted to redefine God’s design for marriage? How have you neglected to pursue oneness with your spouse? In what way have you refused to consider your spouse’s needs before your own? How have you tried to rule over instead of tenderly cherishing your spouse?
  3. If you are a parent, how would God have you re-prioritize your agenda this week so that you can be the engaged shepherd of your children that He intends for you to be?
  4. How can you share the story of grace in your marriage (or life in general) in a way that encourages others? Who are you reminding to not grow weary in doing good, but to faithfully pursue God’s best for them?
  5. Malachi 2 speaks to believers as a kingdom of priests who are messengers of knowledge and truth.  How are you growing in wisdom, being transformed, and speaking God’s truth in a way that causes others to seek life from you?  Give an example of how you have engaged with our cultureleading others to the truth, life and peace found only in God’s word this week.  How can you better equip yourself to speak truth about the issues threatening God’s design for marriage and family in our culture today?

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