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Discussion Questions: October 22, 2017


This week JP walked us through Acts chapter 19. He showed us how the church in Ephesus—arguably the most influential church in all of church history—had “good guys” (the committed, cured, and converted) and “bad guys” (the calloused, counterfeit, and critical). He reminded us that if we leave our first love, like Ephesus did, we are in danger of becoming a graveyard.

Discussion Questions

  1. “The curious became the committed. The seekers became fully devoted. They knew about God, but they didn’t have the complete picture. Don’t be frustrated with immaturity. Be patient and intentional.” Who is one person that you can be patient and intentional with—that you can disciple—this week? Spend time with and reveal to them what God, in His grace and patience and kindness, has revealed to you.
  2. “Confession is saying and verbally acknowledging sin; repentance is turning away from it. What’s causing you to sin that you need to destroy before the sun sets today?” Again, as JP asked in the sermon: what’s causing you to sin that you need to destroy before the sun sets today? Share this with your community group, and then, ask for accountability to take action and follow through on destroying what you shared.
  3. “Every person who opposes the gospel is confused. Why? Because the gospel is the greatest news the world has ever heard. Why would someone reject the gospel? Because they have a greater love.” Who in your life is confused and has a greater love than Jesus? Pray for that person, reach out to them this week, and engage in a gospel-centered conversation with them.