Discussion Questions: October 2, 2016

Discussion Questions: October 2, 2016 Hero Image


Too often we conclude it is a risk to our desires to go all in for Christ rather than the fulfilment of them. We learn from Luke 18:18-30 that there are three things that will keep us from going all in: self-reliance, fear of losing what you have, and not realizing what you will gain. The one true rich, young ruler invites us in and we would be fools to not say “yes” every time, with everything.

Discussion Questions

  1. Living a perfect life requires us to obey the Law (standard given by God to His people) perfectly, every moment of every day. But the Law reveals we can’t perfectly obey and we need grace. If the reasonable standard is living under grace instead of living under the law, then are you holding yourself and/or others in your life to an unreasonable standard? How does Romans 7:7; Romans 8:3 speak to the purpose of the Law and the good news of the gospel? Who can you share that with this week?
  2. JP taught us about another form of doubt, which comes from an extreme confidence in self. It says “I don’t need God because I’m really good with what I’ve acquired (status, skill, riches) on my own.” Unlike the rich young ruler in Luke 18:21, have you ever considered that this mindset is causing you to doubt God? What specifically in your life is preventing you from needing God right now?
  3. In Proverbs 18:1 we see how living in isolation tempts us to hold things back from God. Living authentically brings freedom without condemnation. Is there something you are holding onto that’s holding you back? With clenched fists, are you resisting giving up something you know is hindering you? How are you doing at sharing these things with your community group? Read Proverbs 27:23 together and talk about how you can grow in knowing the condition of one another’s hearts.
  4. Keeping in mind Proverbs 27:6, ask the following question to someone (spouse, family member, community group) who knows you well - what are the quirks, patterns, or characteristics in your life that you may be blind to? How are they affecting your relationship with Christ? If they are holding you back, what is one step you can take this week to remove them?
  5. God is not going to call you to something that’s not good for you. At the end of Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler He answers Peter in Luke 18:29-30 with a great promise. How often do you acknowledge all that you’ve received in Christ? Do you live your life in the same way Philippians 3:14 encourages us to do?