Discussion Questions: October 1, 2017

Discussion Questions: October 1, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: October 1, 2017 Hero Image


This week, Todd discussed the sanctity, value, and importance of life—all life. The infant mortality rate in America when accounting for abortion is 20%. That’s the highest in the world. We aren’t 165th on the list like some statistic would say. We are number one. He challenged us—the church, God’s people—to step up and bridge the gap between God’s heart for the weak and the orphan.

Discussion Questions

  1. “The heart of God is for the weak…folks who are not OK. The orphan. The way God bridges the gap between His heart and the orphan is through His people…those who have come to know Him through His Son, Jesus.” How can you—God’s people—help bridge the gap between His heart for the weak and the orphan? What’s one thing you can do this next week? Visit https://www.watermark.org/life to learn more about upcoming opportunities.
  2. “Whatever else we are doing, if we are not doing this (caring for orphans and widows), we are not being God’s people. Our goal is to have more homes looking for kids than there are kids looking for homes. I’m praying that we—our church—wipe out the foster waiting game.” What can you do to help wipe out the foster waiting game: pray, give, disciple parents, foster kids, something else? Join us in prayer and in action as we seek to end the foster waiting game in Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin County.
  3. “If you are a Christian, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily foster or adopt and have 9 kids or 3 grandkids by the time you are 35. What it does mean is that you have to figure out what your next yes is. We have to learn to love, we have to humble ourselves and get on their (kids) level, and we have to learn to have faith/hope that this is the right thing. Don’t worry about what your next 10 years will look like. Worry about what your very next yes is.” What is your next yes? Share this with your community group and develop a plan of action and accountability so that you can both say yes—and act on—your next yes.

Additional Resources

· www.watermark.org/life

· www.compassion.com/watermark

· www.mullymovie.com