Discussion Questions: November 5, 2017

Discussion Questions: November 5, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: November 5, 2017 Hero Image


Todd spoke about the mindset that should reform the church and our individual hearts. Discuss these together with your community group. Pick a series of questions that best fits where your group is currently.

Discussion questions

  1. Life together is the key to ministry. Are our lives, in community, sharpening and challenging us in the things that are profitable to our walk with Christ or are they “perfunctory” (cursory, fleeting, routine, offhand)? How can our life together become more profitable?
  2. Effective ministry is why you here. Do you have a mission statement for your life? Why do you think God put you here? Where have you seen God use you in the lives of others? When was the last time you were intentional with the gospel?
  3. Suffering is certain. Where are you having to take up the cross of Christ? How can you encourage those in your group who are suffering for the cause of Christ? If you are not taking up the cross Christ in your life, what areas might God be convicting you to engage?
  4. Guilt before God can just as easily be established by what we didn’t do as what we did do. Is there an area in life where we may be committing the sins of omission? It may be best to spend time praying as a group and listen to what God may be bringing to your heart and mind, then share together as a group!
  5. Shepherds who don’t prayerfully stay alert make easy prey for the enemies of God. Reflect as a group how you pray for one another. Do you know what is weighing heavy on each other’s hearts? Share with the group what your prayer time looks like. Share with the group how God may be convicting you to pray more fervently.