Discussion Questions: November 22, 2015

Today, Todd continued our series on 2 Peter and addressed the dangers of false teaching. Listen and discover how you can guard against the lies told inside and outside the church.

  1. Todd made the point that we are all vulnerable to the lies we are told regarding diets and exercise to balance bands. Tragically, even many churches propagate lies contrary to what the Bible teaches. What are some of the more common lies people in our society believe?
  2. Todd stated that "There is no fast track to spiritual maturity." How is this idea opposed to what "health and wealth" teachers promote? What makes the "health and wealth" message appealing to so many?
  3. Todd distinguished between false teachers and those who are caught up in false teaching. What is the difference?
  4. How does Peter describe the false teachers of his day? What passages of Scripture outside of 2 Peter also warn against false teaching? Together, what are we to conclude about false teachers? Why is their teaching so dangerous?
  5. How can you guard against the lies told inside and outside the church? How can you guard your family and friends from falling prey to these lies?

*Spend time as a group praying for discernment and protection from deception.

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