Discussion Questions: November 20, 2016

Discussion Questions: November 20, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: November 20, 2016 Hero Image


While teaching Acts 9:1-19, Todd Wagner showed us the conversion of Saul, who would later give himself the name of Paul, and how Ananias responded faithfully to God’s call to love a person who formerly persecuted the church.

Discussion Questions

  1. Hudson Taylor, while ministering to the Chinese people, acted like the people around him but did not compromise his faith in Jesus just like Saul became like a Roman by naming himself Paul. How are you doing in ministering to those around you without giving into the immorality that is around you?
  2. All disciples say "Here I am Lord” like Ananias did in Acts 9:10. Are you willing and prepared to tell God, "Here I am"? Are you ready to step up like Ananias to obey God's commands that take you towards persecution?
  3. Read Acts 9:10-19. There are many people around you who, like Saul, hate the church and all those who call themselves Christians. Are you willing to be the Ananias to the people like Saul around you? How are you doing in loving those around you who do not like what you stand for?
  4. During the time of the early church, they were called the "people of the way", and were eventually called Christians in Antioch as a slanderous term in Acts 11:25-26. As people look at how you live and love people, do they think you like to simply call yourself a Christian or do they see you live in a different way?
  5. Todd taught us not to look for a Damascus Road experience like being blind and regaining your sight, but you do need to find the Demascus Road. Have you met the risen Lord Jesus, surrendered your life to Him, and humbled yourself to serve the King? Share your story of finding the Damascus road to those in your community.