Discussion Questions: November 13, 2016

Discussion Questions: November 13, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: November 13, 2016 Hero Image


Faithful Christ followers not only know what needs to be done, but they actually take steps to do all that God asks of them. We learn from Acts 8:25-40 that extraordinary outcomes start with ordinary obedience, extraordinary opportunities open through ordinary obedience, and ordinary obedience leaves an extraordinary legacy. Most of us are not going to be remembered by what we do one day, so let us be remembered by what we do every day.

Discussion Questions

  1. JP reminded us that God doesn’t ask us to do anything that’s not good for us (2 Corinthians 1:8-9). He also affirmed that delayed obedience in doing what God asks of us is in fact disobedience. Are you doing all that God is asking of you right now? Is there anything He is asking you to do that you have delayed? What do you think is the root of your delay? Approval of man? (Galatians 1:10) Fear of the unknown? Lack of trust in God?
  2. In taking an honest inventory of our lives we can likely agree that we want to experience God, but without actually walking with Him. Philip immediately followed the Spirit’s leading (Acts 8:27) to leave his home base in Jerusalem and go to a desert place, for reasons he did not fully understand yet. And God produced an extraordinary outcome. Share about a time in your life God has done something extraordinary when you were faithful, even though you were unsure of the outcome at the time.
  3. We see a great model for evangelism in Philip’s approach to the Ethiopian eunuch starting in Acts 8:30. He listens, asks a question, and then sincerely guides him through the scriptures. JP exhorted us to not just know our bible, but be able to teach it to others. Who are you actively and consistently teaching God’s Word to right now? This could be your kids, a non-believer, a new believer, or a complete stranger. If you are not, or feel ill-equipped, take a step today towards making a change. Check out https://www.watermark.org/equipping for some great resources.
  4. The narrative of the entire Old Testament points to Jesus before He even walked this earth, which is absolutely worth sharing. Telling someone about Jesus is non-optional for anyone who is following Jesus. The gospel breaks down social, economic, racial, geographic, and professional boundaries. We have to care more about the mission than about if they like us or not. Has one of these “boundaries” ever stopped you from sharing the gospel with someone? How can you begin breaking down a boundary and take a step toward faithfulness?
  5. Acts 21:8 declares Philip’s new legacy based in part on his obedience from today’s passage in Acts 8. He is given a new name, a new qualifier: Philip the Evangelist. The Ethiopian eunuch is also given a new legacy after taking what he learned from Isaiah 53 and changing an entire country through sharing the truth of the gospel. What do you do every single day that will be granted as your legacy? How do you daily honor God in your obedience to Him? Remember “Birthday Bruce” as another example when thinking through your legacy.