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Discussion Questions: November 12, 2017


This week, JP walked us through the first half of Acts 21, showing us that true courage comes from love, and that what we love will impact our behavior. Love gives us courage to do three things: stay on mission, lose our lives, and become all things to all people. What do you love?

Discussion Questions

  1. “Love gives you the courage to stay on mission. When was the last time you went somewhere for the purpose of sharing the gospel? If the last thing you think about is that "mission trip" then I'm afraid you are missing out on the reason God has you here on earth. We are to strengthen other believers and evangelize to non-believers.” This week, pick one believer that you can strengthen and one non-believer that you can share the gospel with.
  2. “Love gives you the courage to lose your life (and use your life). A lot of us won’t have the privilege of dying for our faith, but we can have the privilege of living for it. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin (James 4:7).’” What’s one thing that you can do to use your life for the gospel? Share that thing with your community group and ask them to hold you accountable to doing it sometime in the next week.
  3. “Love gives us the courage to become all things to all people. This just means you are strategic and thoughtful in how you live. You don’t have to be obnoxious to be bold, but most of us just need to simply be bold. Find common ground with non-believers—as long as it’s not sin—any way you can.” Who is one non-believer that you can find some common ground with this week? Go strategically and thoughtfully engage with him or her for the purpose of being bold and sharing the gospel.