Discussion Questions: May 8, 2016

Discussion Questions: May 8, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: May 8, 2016 Hero Image

This week David Marvin taught from 2 Timothy about the impact Timothy's mother Eunice's faith had in his life.

  1. What impact has your mother or parent's faith (or lack of faith) had in the way you perceive God? If you're using these questions with your community group, share with them what your upbringing was like as it relates to faith.
  2. David said, "Sincere faith is like anything else that's contagious that enters the home...you're going to catch it." Would you be pleased if your children "caught your faith"?
  3. What areas of your life do you want your children to catch and what areas do you hope they don't? Ask your community group or spouse to help point out blind spots.
  4. What lessons did your parents teach you from God's word and what lessons do you wish to teach your children?
  5. David said, "Our past is not a problem for God's grace, but a platform for it." What past mistakes did your parents make that have impacted your life?
  6. How did you see God's grace work through your parent's problems?
  7. How have you seen God's grace make your problems a platform for His glory?