Discussion Questions: May 15, 2015

Discussion Questions: May 15, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: May 15, 2015 Hero Image

This week, Todd continues our series through the book of Acts. Teaching from Acts 2:1-13, Todd unpacks the miraculous beginnings of the Church at the day of Pentecost.

  1. What stories throughout Scripture do you see God using the miraculous to validate His message? How did these signs authenticate the messenger’s message? How are those stories similar to Acts 2?
  2. According to Todd’s message, how can you tell when a passage is descriptive (describing an event in the past) or prescriptive (prescribing an action for us today)?
  3. Todd made the claim, “whenever the Holy Spirit comes upon someone, there is a radical transformation. If the Holy Spirit does not produce change in you, you are either Jesus (Matthew 3:16) or you do not know Him.” In what areas of your life have you seen the Holy Spirit radically transform you?
  4. In Acts 2:11, we see how Spirit-filled people speak about the mighty deeds of God. In what ways have you spoken of the mighty deeds of God this week?
  5. How is “speaking in tongues” in Acts 2 different than the way most people think about “speaking in tongues” today? Speaking in grace and truth from the Scriptures, how would you speak to someone who misunderstands “speaking in tongues”?
  6. The true tongue that identifies the church of Jesus Christ is always love (1 Corinthians 13). How are you seeking to be filled by God’s love this week? How are you seeking to love others this week?