Discussion Questions: March 27, 2016

Discussion Questions: March 27, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: March 27, 2016 Hero Image

Easter Sunday, Todd encouraged us with the historical truth of the empty tomb and why God is good, all-powerful and sovereign.

  1. Which is hardest for you to trust: God is real, God is good, or God is sovereign?
  2. Skeptics have long said if "God is good, he would stop evil.  If God is God, He could stop evil.  Evil is still undeniably present, therefore God is either not God or He is not Good.”  
  3. How would you support Todd’s statement that "Easter is forever the greatest reminder and evidence that God is real, good (he loves you), sovereign (powerful) and therefore trustworthy.
  4. How have you seen God be both good and powerful in Scripture and in your own life?
  5. Think of some real-life circumstances where you or a loved one had to endure hard times. How did that situation test your faith?  How did it strengthen your faith as James 1:2-4 suggests it should?
  6. Todd said "Easter is why, in a Saturday world, we can live with a Sunday hope”. In what ways has (can) your Sunday hope encouraged others this week in a Saturday world?
  7. The empty tomb is verified historically. Think through some possible explanations for the empty tomb. Why does the resurrection make the most sense?