Discussion Questions: March 20, 2016

Discussion Questions: March 20, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: March 20, 2016 Hero Image

This week, Todd Wagner continued the Unashamed series. Teaching from Romans 1:13-16, Todd showed how we as believers are under obligation to share the gospel freely to all those around us.

  1. What fears do you face in sharing your faith? How would a proper understanding of God and his gospel free you up from these fears?
  2. Todd talked about the difference between a bad courier and a good ambassador. A bad courier takes the package, gift, or message and keeps it for himself. A good courier takes the package, gift, or message to the proper recipient. A bad ambassador mocks the privilege of representing His King by adopting the practices of the land he is sent to more than concerning himself with the business of His sovereign homeland.  When it comes to the gospel, in what ways do you act like a bad courier keeping the message to yourself? In what ways do you act like a good ambassador living and serving in a foreign land as a loving, wise alien and stranger?
  3. “Rome” offers us earthly pleasure, power, and position. In what ways are you drawn to the pleasure, power, and positions of this world? In what ways can you grow this week in the pleasure, power, and position you have in Christ?
  4. Todd said, “Your relationship with the Lord is very personal, but it is never private.” Who is on your “Top 10 List” that needs to hear about your personal relationship with Christ? How can you move towards them this week and share with them the good news of Christ?
  5. What is your family plan this Easter? How can we encourage one another to be a part of the Father’s family plan to seek and save the lost and bring them to the Father’s table to eat and fellowship with us this Easter and beyond?

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