Discussion Questions: March 12, 2017

Discussion Questions: March 12, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: March 12, 2017 Hero Image


In the midst of a season where sickness is spreading, JP taught us about a good “infection” that was spreading in Acts 11:19-30 and is still spreading today. Some of the symptoms of this good infection is that it is very contagious, it makes people hungry, and it creates healing. This good infection causes those infected to share the good news of Jesus, it causes those infected to be hungry for God’s Word and a deeper relationship with Him, and it causes brokenness left by sin to be healed.

Discussion Questions

  1. In Acts 11:19–22, this good infection called the gospel is spreading because people are sharing it with others. Who will be in your life this week who needs the good news of Jesus Christ? Pray for those people by name, and ask God to give you opportunities to be contagious to them.
  2. In Acts 11:23–26, a great number of people became Christians and needed to be equipped, so Barnabas went to get Saul to help. There is an entire team of people at Watermark who desire to help you take your next step of faithfulness in your walk with Christ. Have you taken advantage of any of the equipping opportunities around Watermark? If you want more information about how to be more equipped, you can get it here:https://www.watermark.org/equipping. Take time to pray for the Equipping team and the leaders who desire to help others take their next step of faith as a follower of Christ.
  3. Only in America is lukewarm Christianity accepted, but the true church hates to see anyone stay as a baby Christian for their entire life. Are you hungry to feast on the Word of God daily? What do you need to re-prioritize in order to be with the Lord daily?
  4. In Acts 11:27–30, the disciples were determined to give to those who were experiencing a famine. What do you have excess of that which you can give to those in need? What can you re-prioritize in your budget to give more away?