Discussion Questions: June 5, 2016

Discussion Questions: June 5, 2016 Hero Image


Listen in as JP teaches through Matthew 7:7-12. He explains to us that God is a good father who only gives good gifts. In response, we should ask persistently, seek the good in what He has given us, and seek the good of others as our Father does.

Discussion Questions

  1. God says to us, "I know you think you know what you want. But I have an eternal perspective. I know best. You can trust me." Do you believe this? In what areas do you struggle to trust the love of God?
  2. Matthew 7:7 tells us to ask, seek and knock repeatedly. What are you currently asking God for in your life? In your family's life? In your co-workers' lives? How would asking God for these things change if you really believed He wanted you to ask?
  3. JP said that he prays for whatever he wants. But, he knows that God, through prayer, may change what he wants. Do you ask God for what you want while asking God what He wants? How can your community help you pray more honestly?
  4. We are admonished to seek the good in what God has given us. Take a moment and share some of the good things God has done for you.
  5. In light of God doing good to us, then, as His children, we should do the same. Therefore, God might use us to answer the prayers of others. How have you seen God answer your prayers through others? Is there a need in your circles of influence you can meet? Be sure to check out watermark.org/go for opportunities to fulfill Matthew 7:12.