Discussion Questions: June 18, 2017

Discussion Questions: June 18, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: June 18, 2017 Hero Image


While Father's Day is a day of celebration for many, it can also be a day of sadness and hurt. Wherever you are and whatever Father’s Day means to you, Todd reminded us that our earthly fathers are not always reflections of our Heavenly Father, but that our Heavenly Father is a perfect example of what our earthly fathers should be. He loves you, and He wants you to ask Him for His advice every day, not just on Father’s Day.

Discussion Questions

  1. Todd said the number one reason people do or don’t change comes down to their view of God the Father. When you hear that God is a perfect, loving, Heavenly Father, what comes to your mind? What emotions are stirred inside of you? Is there any false belief you are hanging on to that’s hurting you and inhibiting positive change in your life? Discuss with your community group this week.
  2. Todd referenced over a dozen of the Psalms, reminding us that they are full of truths about our Heavenly Father. What Scriptures do you go to when you need to be reminded of the Father’s love for you? If you need a place to start check out one of these four Psalms that Todd mentioned: 1, 23, 27, or 101., and, if you aren’t already, join us as we journey through the Psalms this year on jointhejourney.com.
  3. Todd shared a story about taking a splinter out of his six-year-old son’s heel so that he could run again; during the process, his son was in extreme pain and didn’t understand what was happening. He then referenced Isaiah 55:8-9, mentioning how God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. s there any area of your life where you don’t understand what God is doing, or why He is allowing something painful to happen to you? Share your confusion and pain with Him this week in prayer, and then share with someone in your community group.