Discussion Questions: June 12, 2016

Discussion Questions: June 12, 2016 Hero Image

In David Marvin’s message titled “Money, Stuff and Eternity” he encouraged us to store our treasures in the right place, to see with the right perspective, and to serve the Lord.

Matthew 6:19-24

  1. Jesus talks about money not because he wants to have your stuff but because he wants to keep stuff from having you. Money is a great servant but a horrible master. Evaluate your life (motivations, worries, anxieties, spending habits, etc.). Are there areas of your life that are enslaved to money or possessions? Why do you think people are mastered by money?
  2. If we choose to invest our capital solely in the world or advancing our standing in the world’s eyes it ends up being a bad investment. What are some good reasons to invest our capital the way Jesus would have us? In light of Jesus’ teaching which investment pays the greatest return: the world or the kingdom of God? Why?
  3. Evaluate your giving practices. Do they reflect the fact that you find security and identity in possessions or do they reflect that your identity and security are in Christ alone? Discuss with your community group some practical steps you need to take to move away from a dependence on money into a deeper trust in Jesus.
  4. Jesus teaches us that we cannot serve both God and money. Money will either keep us from realizing the greatest treasure is Jesus himself or, because our identity and security are rooted in the love of God, it will be used as a powerful tool to advance the kingdom of God. Spend some time in prayer as a group and pray that the Spirit would give you the right perspective and empower you to steward the money God has entrusted you with in the best way possible.