Discussion Questions: July 3, 2016

Discussion Questions: July 3, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: July 3, 2016 Hero Image

Listen in as JP teaches on Acts 3:1-10, the healing of a beggar. He teaches us that obedience leads to opportunities to honor God. When those opportunities come we should seek to give the greatest gift: the gospel.

Discussion Questions

  1. JP said, "opportunities open out of our obedience." He pointed out Peter and John were simply being faithful when the opportunity to help the beggar opened to them. Where have you seen God provide you with opportunities as you were being faithful?
  2. JP showed that the apostles were not seeking to do the miraculous; rather, God used their steady obedience to perform a miracle. Are you looking for a miracle or focused on faithfulness? In what areas of your life do you lack faithfulness? How can your community encourage you in those areas?
  3. When God provides opportunities out of our obedience we should seek to give the greater gift: the gospel. Are you seeking opportunities to share the gospel when God places people on your path?
  4. God has provided Watermark an incredible opportunity to fulfill what we read on Acts 3. As a group visit the QuestCare clinic website, and discuss how you can pray for or partner with this clinic.
  5. JP said, "miracles make way for the message." Miracles are meant to point forward to something greater. Take a moment as a group and discuss miracles you have seen God perform. What message do you think God was teaching in those miracles?