Discussion Questions: July 26, 2015

Discussion Questions: July 26, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: July 26, 2015 Hero Image


Listen as Adam Tarnow uses Matthew 6:25-34 to remind us that we can fight worry by getting to know God. Trusting that our great God knows us, loves us, and is sovereign over every detail of our lives can give us victory over our anxiety. Anxiety does not have to win!

Discussion Questions

  1. What situation in your life causes you to worry the most? How does that worry or fear manifest itself in your daily life? With whom do you regularly share these concerns?
  2. When you dig deep into the root cause of your fear, what lies are you believing about your circumstances, about yourself or about your God? How would your perspective change if you really trusted that God loves you, He knows what you need, He knows what to do about your circumstances and He will not make any mistakes?
  3. Knowing that we fight worry by getting to know God, what steps will you take to deepen your relationship with the sovereign God of the universe who loves you more than you can imagine and works all things together for your good and His glory?
  4. Although the feelings of anxiety are real, we don’t have to give into them, allowing them to win. Instead, we turn our back on the anxiety and move toward God. What do you know to be true about the heart and character of God? Make an ongoing list of God’s attributes that you can use to help refocus your thoughts toward God in the midst of the storm. The Psalms are a great place to find words that beautifully describe God’s character.