Discussion Questions: July 23, 2017

Discussion Questions: July 23, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: July 23, 2017 Hero Image


This week, Todd talked about the importance of leadership. Specifically, he discussed church leadership and how God's design for the church is a plurality of leaders.

Discussion Questions

  1. "Every man, by his own conduct, for better or worse, is educating the next generation. How much did the church grow this past week based on how you lived your life? If God answered all of your prayers last week, how would the church have grown? How much would the church grow in godliness because of how you grew in godliness this past week?" Pick one of the questions above and answer it. Share your answer with your community group.
  2. "The job of an elder is to emulate Christ. See 1 Corinthians 11:1 and Philippians 3:12-17. If there was no Watermark, and your community group was all there was, what would be the future of the church?" Which of the six community core values--Devote Daily, Pursue Relationally, Live Authentically, Counsel Biblically, Encourage & Admonish Faithfully, and Engage Missionally--is your group being most faithful in? Which do you need the most growth? As a community group, identify one way you can grow in the core values you are weakest in.
  3. "The degree to which God will use you is directly related to the degree you are surrendered to Him." In what area of your life are you least surrendered to God? (Ask those close to you if you are having trouble with an answer.) What's one way you can surrender (more) to God in this area? Share and ask your small group for help.