Discussion Questions: July 10, 2016

In the aftermath of the Dallas shootings, Todd teaches how the church is to be "The Church" in the midst of tragedy. This is accomplished by loving well and listening carefully to those hurting in order to offer hope and healing in Christ.

Discussion Questions

  1. In the midst of tragedy, how do you typically respond? How does the media, friends, social media, and past experiences inform your response? How does the Word of God inform your response?
  2. Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Todd said, “Darkness cannot dispel darkness, only light can. Hate cannot dispel hate, only love can.” As you read John 1:1-5 and Matthew 5:14-15, what is God’s solution to bring His light into the darkness of this world? In moments of darkness, what are specific ways you can bring light?
  3. Just like people need help when they are physically wounded, people also need help when they are spiritually wounded. Surface level solutions never accomplish long term healing. In what ways do you see the spiritual wounds in our culture? In what ways do you see the spiritual wounds in your own heart and life? What is one way you can seek healing for yourself this week? What is one way you can offer healing to others this week?
  4. Proverbs 18:2 says, "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” Using this verse, Todd called us as a church to listen more and speak less. Who in your life do you need to truly listen to in order to gain a better understanding of their hurts? Who is someone you need to genuinely say “I love you and you matter” to this week?

Additional Resources

  1. A Few Thoughts Regarding The July 7, 2016 Dallas Shootings
  2. What Is The Biblical Response To #BlackLivesMatter?

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