Discussion Questions: January 4, 2015

Discussion Questions: January 4, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: January 4, 2015 Hero Image

Did you leave after hearing Sunday’s message and think, “Well, now what?” Each Sunday, we will provide a discussion guide for our church body designed to create a conversation about what we’re learning. We encourage you to prayerfully gather with your family, friends and community group and dive into how to apply Sunday’s teaching from God’s Word to your life.

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Message Summary

Listen in as Todd begins the sermon series on Watermark’s Community Core Values. The first step to living life together in a way that honors God is to “Devote Daily.” Healthy communities are made up of individuals who spend time daily in God’s word. Be encouraged as Todd shows the need for and benefit of being completely devoted God.

Discussion Questions

  1. When the triune God created man in His own image, He created man with the need for community. If you are not in community, what is holding you back? If you are looking for community, visit www.watermark.org/connect.
  2. Have you surrounded yourself with “stupid” people (stupid, from the Latin stupidus: dull, numb, foolish)? The Bible warns the companion of fools will suffer harm (Proverbs 13:20). How have you suffered harm by remaining in the company of foolish people?
  3. Does your community group use Scripture as your counsel to one another? Read Acts 2:42, does this describe your community group? If not, what steps can you take to make these changes?
  4. When someone in your community comes to you for counsel, are you ready to share God’s Word and counsel? If not, how will you equip yourself to be a workman that needs to not be ashamed because you can accurately handle the Word of God (2 Timothy 2:15)?
  5. What competes for your time and attention more than your devotion for God? Will you ask God as a community group to stir your affections for God and His Word? How can you encourage each other to grow in devotion?