Discussion Questions: January 21, 2018

Discussion Questions: January 21, 2018 Hero Image Discussion Questions: January 21, 2018 Hero Image


Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like? This weekend, JP taught us about the gift of singleness. He showed us from the Scriptures how singleness is a gift, and it’s one that we—the church—have not always done a good job appreciating and celebrating. The truths and realities about the gift of singleness apply to everyone, not just singles. Do you appreciate the gift?

Discussion Questions

  1. “Relate to this gift by trusting the Giver. In order to appreciate a gift, you must know and trust the giver. If what you have is not good, then God is not done; or, your perspective is off. The gift of singleness teaches us about the supremacy and the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.” Do you trust the Giver? How are you doing—single or married—at using your gift to build the Kingdom and advance the gospel?
  2. “Relate to this gift by living for another world. Live as though time is short. You might struggle to relate to this world; you were made for a different world. Singleness doesn’t make you complete and neither does marriage. Jesus is the only one who can make you complete.” How are you doing at living for another world, for eternity? What in your life are you most likely to get distracted by? Share this things with your community group and ask them to help you identify one way you can (better) live for eternity this next week.
  3. “Relate to this gift by knowing people are single for a reason. If you are single, God desires to use you in a unique way in this season of your life…to live in undivided devotion to Him. One day, very soon, we are all going to die and stand before Jesus face-to-face.” How are you doing at living a life fully devoted to the Lord? Are you ready to stand before Him when your life is over?