Discussion Questions: January 14, 2018

Discussion Questions: January 14, 2018 Hero Image Discussion Questions: January 14, 2018 Hero Image


As we continue our series “Can You Relate?”, this week Todd took us through the importance of rightly relating to the Bible. He showed us how it’s not a mess or a moral book, but rather, a treasure. A treasure to relate to like your life depends on it.

Discussion Questions

  1. “The Bible comforts the afflicted and afflicts those who are too comfortable. You can’t just flee immorality; you must love, act, and pursue righteousness. We don’t pray or read our Bible because we are disciplined but because we are desperate.” How desperate are you to spend time with God through time in His Word? Have your community group help you identify one way to grow in your depth of understanding and consistency in reading the Bible.
  2. “The Bible isn’t a mess or a moral book that tells you to act a certain way to be saved. It doesn’t say catch up and start doing good, it says repent.” How would you do if someone asked you to explain the composition of the Bible? What about the main message and story? Start by learning Romans and join us for Romans: The Righteousness of God.
  3. “The Bible is a treasure; it’s a message of love. I’ve never seen a fruit bearing Christian that isn’t a student of the Bible. You have got to learn to teach yourself.” How are you doing at being a student of the Bible?At teaching it to yourself by spending time in it every day?