Discussion Questions: February 4, 2018

Discussion Questions: February 4, 2018 Hero Image Discussion Questions: February 4, 2018 Hero Image


This weekend, as we continued our series in “Can You Relate?”, Todd taught us about the importance and responsibility of relating to children. It is a great privilege to pour into the next generation, no matter your life stage or relationship status. The greatest thing you can do to positively influence the next generation is to be—above all else—passionate about Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  1. “One of the ways you hinder children who want to come to Jesus is by being dispassionate toward Jesus yourself. They are passionate about what you are passionate about.” Ask your kids (or for those who don’t have kids, those closest to you) what you are most passionate about. What did they say? Your college team, career path, car, hobby, fitness? If they said anything other than Jesus, figure out what you need to do to change that reality.
  2. “We see a direct correlation in the prospering of kids with those who have parents who seek the Lord with all their heart compared to those who think it’s the churches job to raise them. Mom and dad make the difference. Too many people’s plan is to let the church be the spiritual influence in their kids’ lives. Kid’s ministry is a supplement, not a substitute.” If you treated your job—time, effort, strategic thinking, planning, etc.—the same way you treat your family, how would you be doing? Mom and dad, what is your plan for your children?
  3. “Children are a gift. If the reason you are not having kids is because you think they are going to interrupt something in your life than you already have a problem. Parents way too often spell love S-T-U-F-F, but kids always spell love T-I-M-E.” How do you view children? Does your life—how you spend your time, talents, and treasure—line up with your answer?
  4. “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth (Psalm 127:4). An arrow by itself is useless/helpless, an arrow will go where you aim it, and any warrior who leaves his arrows unattended is inviting destruction upon himself and his people (a warrior is responsible for his arrows).” Do you have a plan or presence in the life of (your) children? Are you trying to be their parent or their buddy? Are you a passionate follower of Christ? If you answered no to any of those four things, identify one way this week to change your answer—your life—so that you can say yes.
  • Scripture study: Mark 10:13-16; Proverbs 3:1-26, 4:1-13; Psalm 37:25-26, 127:1-5
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