Discussion Questions: February 22, 2015

Discussion Questions: February 22, 2015 Hero Image

Did you leave after hearing Sunday’s message and think, “Well, now what?” Each Sunday, we will provide a discussion guide for our church body designed to create a conversation about what we’re learning. We encourage you to prayerfully gather with your family, friends and community group and dive into how to apply Sunday’s teaching from God’s Word to your life.

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In today’s message JP reminded us that Christians are called to be salt and light to the decaying and dark world surrounding us.

Discussion Questions

  1. Write down the story of how the reality of God has preserved your life personally. Share a 3 minute version of this story of grace with a trusted friend or your community group this week.
  2. Where has God strategically and specifically placed YOU to be the light that pushes back the darkness: your neighborhood, workplace, family, school?
  3. Who are the people in your life that are drawn to you because they recognize you shine a little brighter? Think of the people who will cross your path this week. With whom will you engage, share the good news of Christ, and invite to know Him?
  4. If you are uncomfortable speaking to others about the realities of God, which of the many Equipping Opportunities offered at Watermark will you register for this week so that you can be trained and be strong in this area?