Discussion Questions: February 14, 2016

Discussion Questions: February 14, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: February 14, 2016 Hero Image

This week for Valentine’s Day, four speakers shattered the myths in our culture surrounding love and walked us through ways in which we can resolve to live in the truth of God’s love for us.

  1. JP talked about what to do when Cupid hasn’t shot you yet. One myth culture has fed us is that there is ‘the one.’ If you’re single, how will you date differently knowing there isn’t ‘the one’ and that you are compatible with many different people? If you’re married, how does knowing you are with ‘the one’ affect how you view difficulties and differences with your spouse?
  2. Another myth JP mentioned is that singleness is second best. If you’re single, are you fully living to serve God’s kingdom with this gift? How are you challenged to serve more in this season? If you’re married, what single person could you actively disciple during singleness so that they’re better prepared for marriage?
  3. Scott Kedersha spoke on what to do when you’ve been shot by Cupid so you don’t do something stupid. One myth we can fall for is ‘the heart wants what it wants.’ Think of some times you trusted your feelings over truth. What were the consequences and how would you have handled those situations differently?
  4. Another myth mentioned by Scott is that you need to try before you buy. How have you honored God in regards to purity? If you are currently engaging in sexual sin, have you confessed and invited people in to point you back to truth?
  5. John McGee talked about what to do when you’re stuck with the one that Cupid shot and you think they’re stupid. In marriage, we can believe the myth that the problem is our spouse. What steps have you taken to draw a circle around yourself and change everything inside? Think of 3 things you personally can work on that would help strengthen your marriage.
  6. Two contrasting myths are that marriage is supposed to be easy and that marriage is only hard. Which myth are you more apt to believe? What are 3 things you can do this week to invest in your relationship or marriage?
  7. Todd spoke about why Christ is infinitely better than Cupid. Biblical love is not an adjective but a verb. How does thinking of love as a verb change the way you view myths you may have believed about love? Think of 3 people you can take action to show you love them this week.
  8. The truth of Christ’s love shatters all myths of Cupid’s love. Romans 5:8 says ‘but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’ ‘Shows’ is a verb in the present tense which means God continually demonstrates that he loves us through Christ’s sacrificial death. How does Christ’s sacrificial love for you affect the way in which you love others?