Discussion Questions: December 3, 2017

Discussion Questions: December 3, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: December 3, 2017 Hero Image

Are you looking to dive deeper into this week's message? Each week we share discussion questions that you can use during your personal devotional time, or with your family / community group.

Discussion Questions

  1. "Passionate and intense enemies provide a perfect opportunity for a providential and irrepressible God to show Himself strong and sufficient. The reason we pray isn’t because we are disciplined but because we are desperate." If everyone at Watermark prayed like you prayed this last week, how would the church be doing? Memorize Colossians 4:2 as you seek to grow in prayer this next week.
  2. "Paul not only outspoke Felix and the elders, but he outlived them. He lived an upright life that allowed him to be filled with peace, a clear conscience, and good sleep." Where in life could you be more "upright"? What's one thing, that if you did consistently and faithfully, would help your walk with the Lord? Share this with your community group and ask them to hold you accountable to making the necessary change(s) in your life.
  3. "You need to determine who you will serve...Felix wanted money (kept conversing with Paul in hopes to get money from him), whereas Paul was serving the Lord (1 Timothy 6:9-19). Are you a Felix that needs to come to the Lord or a Paul that is ready to be sent out?" Who (or what) are you serving? Ask your community group to help you become more like Paul--more like Jesus--this next week, and to serve Him.