Discussion Questions: December 20, 2015

Discussion Questions: December 20, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: December 20, 2015 Hero Image

Todd closed out the Hold Fast series. Teaching from 2 Peter 3:11-18, he recapped the series focusing on being diligent to know the Lord (Chpt. 1), being aware of false teachers (Chpt. 2), and being ready for the coming of Christ (Chpt. 3).

  1. The message opened with a video on being prepared to leave a legacy of love. In light of Christmas approaching, what are steps you can take to be prepared to love your family well and leave a legacy?
  2. Todd mentioned, “Many of us want a sign in order to believe the Bible. But good illustrations are not why you should believe in the Bible. Believe because of Christ and His resurrection.” Other than God and His Word, are there any other “signs” you rely on for belief, such as personal experiences, messages, or good illustrations?
  3. 2 Peter 3:18a says, “18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” In what ways are you currently growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ and His word? What is one step you can take this week to grow in these areas?
  4. Todd mentioned two ways to hasten the coming of the Lord: praying for His coming and proclaiming His coming. How would you grade yourself in these two spiritual disciples and how can you grow in these areas?
  5. During the message, the Geico commercial reminded us that fools run to their own destruction. In what areas of your life do you find yourself running to your own desires and not to Christ?