Discussion Questions: December 17, 2017

Discussion Questions: December 17, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: December 17, 2017 Hero Image


What do you long for? Do you yearn for and anticipate better things in your life? Do you enjoy getting gifts? This week, Todd taught us about longings, anticipation, and gifts as we reflect on and prepare for Christmas.

Discussion Questions

  1. “We’ve developed this idea that longing is sin. Longing isn’t sin. It’s not wrong. Longing for more isn’t even sin. Sin is longing for more from things that can’t actually provide them.” What do you long for? What stirs your affections for Jesus? As an act or worship to your heavenly Father, go enjoy Him through something He created.
  2. “The idea of lent—giving up things to remind you of God’s love and provision—is a good idea. Advent is the season of yearning and anticipation. It’s biblical to yearn more. Christmas has come, but it’s not really Christmas yet. You should long for something more because Jesus hasn’t finished what He came to do.” What’s one thing you can do in the next seven days that will increase your yearning for and anticipation of Christ’s return? Share this with your community group and then go do it.
  3. “Christmas is coming, has come and will come. Long for it. Live like you believe it. Sing like you know it happened and believe it will. An appropriate way to celebrate the perfect gift is to give gifts. Just make sure you don’t look to those gifts to ultimately fulfill you.” How can you “live like you believe it” this week? Who is one person you can give a gift to (not because it’s Christmas time)?