Discussion Questions: August 9, 2015

Discussion Questions: August 9, 2015 Hero Image Discussion Questions: August 9, 2015 Hero Image

Listen in as Blake Holmes talks about spiritual warfare. He warned us to avoid two extremes: total paranoia and complete disregard. Instead, we should know that spiritual warfare is real, it's coming for you, and it's already been won by our savior Jesus Christ.

1. Do you believe the enemy prowls around hoping to destroy you? How have you seen this warfare in your own life? The life of others?

2. How can you remind and encourage your community group of the victory you have in Jesus?

3. What tools from God are you using to overcome in this struggle?

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Harrison Ross teaches us how to prepare for the future. He encourages us by telling us we do not need to know the future; rather, we need to know our Father. Through His word, God has left us our instructions, and through His Spirit, He has left us what we need for our future.

4. What future things are you anxious about? How can you put aside your worry and trust God?

5. How can your community group prepare together for the future?

Drew Zeiler discusses perseverance in the Christian life. While the wicked scoffs at God's word, he will blow away like chaff. But the godly will be rooted, which means he will last. Anchoring to God's word gives the believer perseverance.

6. What source do you rely on in times of struggle?

7. How can your community group help each other grow deeper roots?