Discussion Questions: April 2, 2017

Discussion Questions: April 2, 2017 Hero Image Discussion Questions: April 2, 2017 Hero Image


Todd Wagner taught through Acts 13:1-3 , the beginning of the first missionary journey. We saw that people from all types of backgrounds and ethnicities are a part of God’s people, and they are being sent to be ministers of the gospel to the nations to change the world.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Exodus 19:5-6. God called the people of Israel a “kingdom of priests”, and now as the body of Christ we are also called to be a kingdom of priests. Do you feel like you are just attending a “pastor’s church” on a Sunday, or are you involved in serving the local body and all who come into your path? If you feel you are just a regular attender, what can you do to serve the local body at Watermark?
  2. We saw that the church in Antioch was made up of individuals from all over the world representing different ethnicities and life experiences and yet they were one as Jesus intended (see John 13:34-35, 17:21) and how Watermark has become a church of many nations. What can you do this week to reach out to, serve, connect with or show love to someone who is from a different ethnicity or whose culture is radically different than yours.
  3. Todd reminded us that Acts 11:24 describes what a good man”, full of the Holy Spirit” looks like. How did you do in showing you have the Holy Spirit within you this week? Who will be in your path this week that will be an opportunity to share the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection? Pray for those people who may come in contact with you and pray that you will have boldness to share Jesus with them.
  4. Read Ephesians 4:11–16. Do you feel confident in being a discerning listener as you listen to teachers in the church? We should all be examining the Scriptures, but many of us are swayed by false teachers. What should be your next step as you begin to be a more discerning listener as you examine the Scriptures?
  5. We were reminded that The Prophetic, Teaching, Disciple Making, Grace-Filled, Unified, Spiritually Disciplined, Holy Spirit Attentive, Abiding, Ambitious Missional Church is the Church God uses to change the world. Which of the above characteristics do you need to grow in? Take some time as a community to pray that everyone in our body would grow in ALL of them and specifically for yourself in the area that you need to grow in. Pray for the teachers and leaders of churches as they encourage the saints, and that they would be bold in speaking the truth in love, filled with grace and proclaiming the gospel.