Discussion Questions: April 17, 2016

Discussion Questions: April 17, 2016 Hero Image Discussion Questions: April 17, 2016 Hero Image

Today Todd continued the series in Acts. Looking specifically at Acts 1:8-26, Todd focused on the relevance of gathering together in prayer and devoting ourselves to witnessing.

  1. In considering Acts 1:8, how do you define “power?” What do you think the power of the Holy Spirit looks like in the believer’s life? Practically speaking, how would others say they witness this power in your life, in word and in deed, persevering even when life doesn’t seem to make sense?
  2. Acts 1:14 says that those gathered together in the upper room were “with one accord,” and “were devoting themselves to prayer.” Would you say that your community consistently gathers together in one accord, devoted to prayer? How might you and your group grow stronger and encourage one another more by being devoted to prayer? Read the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13:31-32) How does the truth of this parable relate to the impact of your prayer life and testimony? If only 120 of the 4 million Jews at the time of Acts could change the world, what impact can you and your group have today for Christ?
  3. Todd mentioned that the first message Peter shared revealed that there are things that might make no sense to us. But, despite the difficulty in finding that sense, there is no place for worry because our God is sovereign and Jesus does what He says He is going to do. How would those closest to you say that your life witnesses to a trust in Jesus, free of worry, even when worldly circumstances seem to make no sense?
  4. Does the life lived and consequence suffered by Judas make sense to you?How does the truth of God’s sovereign rule over all, even devils, help you understand the life of Judas? Considering Peter’s references to Psalm 69 and 109 (Acts 1:20), do you see how all of Scripture testifies to Jesus?
  5. Todd listed several from the Bible who, like Judas, suffered a horrific death. Would you agree or disagree with Todd’s statement that none of these deaths was more horrific than that of Jesus? Does your life, in word and in deed, persevering to the end by His power, witness to the gracious, horrific payment Jesus made for you? Does your life witness to the victory of the power and peace known through His resurrection and God’s Spirit given to you?